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Bio and artist's statement

Linda Stokesbury Brennan spent her commercial art career as a graphic designer, including 10 years as the corporate designer for the Michigan Education Association. Recently retired, she co-founded Tria Design and Marketing, a print- and web-design firm in Michigan. Her career included proficiency in illustration, logo design and web design. She worked with clients across the US and around the world including Ghana, Russia and the Cayman Islands.

A noted artist, Brennan has exhibited in galleries, exhibitions and competitions, has won numerous awards in juried competitions, and has works in private collections across the US. She is included in the Detroit Institute of Arts slide bank and Registry of Michigan Artists. Her art activities through the years have included workshop instructor, critique leader and juror. She is also past president of the Mid-Michigan Art Guild and a member of the Cane River Artists in Natchitoches, LA. Brennan is a graduate of Michigan State University, where she earned a BA in Graphic Design and Advertising.

Reflecting her versatility as an artist, she is proficient in a wide variety of media, but regardless of the medium or subject matter, her work is always bold in design and color.

She says, "I love working from life, whether I’m doing a realistic representation, or an abstract expression. I’m always interested in composition, color and contrast. But most important, I believe no matter what the artist may have been trying to convey, the viewer’s response is the most important part of the equation. For that reason, I’ve always avoided an overly involved "Artist’s Statement." For the most part, I think a work of art has to stand on its own. The artist may have had a specific intention in mind, but that may or may not be what a viewer perceives. Any particular work of art may speak to each viewer in a different way, due to the experience and sensibility each person brings to the encounter, and the ability of the artist to convey his or her message. Whatever the viewer’s reaction, it is a true and valid interpretation, and is really what art is all about. If extensive verbalization is required to explain the work, perhaps the artist should have been an author rather than an artist!"

Here's a gallery of my work.