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Robert Stokesbury & Anna Baughman


William H. Stokesberry bible

Hiram Wyckoff letter, stating date of death for William Wyckoff, second husband of Anna (Baughman) Stokesberry Wyckoff.

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Baughman Books

Posted here with the permission and cooperation of the book's author, J. Ross Baughman. I will be working on scanning his other books so I can also post them here.

Apart from the World part 1
Apart from the World part 2
Apart from the World part 3


Can you Identify this photo?

Unknown Stokesbury/Stotesbury portrait

This .jpg was sent to me by Jeff Armstrong (jjarmstr42 "at" He said the painting came from a dealer in Florida and a note stated that it was from the "Stokesbury" estate. It might have been "Stotesbury" as that family had a nice estate in the Miami area. The artist is Louise Lyons Heustis (1865 - 1951), an artist known to paint "high society" portraits. Cintra Willcox, a descendant of Edward Townsend Stotesbury, said that the woman depicted is not Eva Stotesbury, nor is it her daughter, Louise. Contact me (linda "at" if you can identify the person in this photo.